Protect Your Property – Lock Your Cars

Thieves continue to target unlocked vehicles, and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Crown Pointe is calling on everyone in the community to help stop this trend.

Simply removing valuables from your car and locking your cars and residence doors and windows will help the number of break in attempts and actual break ins to go down.

Vehicle break-ins are simply crimes of opportunity. Many thieves pull on door handles until they find an unlocked vehicle. Thieves also tend to look through vehicle windows to see if there are any valuables inside. That is why it is recommended to remove valuables from your vehicle or stow them away out of view.

Here are more ways you can keep your vehicle safe:

  • Remove all valuables or keep them out of sight. This is particularly important with GPS systems, laptops and iPods. Make sure to remove all base mounts, cords and chargers from view as well.
  • Remember to lock your doors even when your car is parked at home and not in a closed garage. That’s where most unlocked vehicle burglaries happen.
  • If your vehicle is broken into, report it to law enforcement immediately, even if nothing significant is taken. The more information investigators have about these crimes, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to identify and stop the people committing them.