Crown Pointe Community Reopening of Facilities

April 28, 2020

Dear Crown Pointe Residents:

Crown Pointe Community Tennis courts and pickleball courts  are scheduled to reopen tomorrow, April 30,  2020. The use of the reopened facilities will be governed by all Crown Pointe Rules and Regulations as well as directives from the State of Florida and Collier County.

In essence, this means social distancing will be required.  A six (6) foot distance shall be maintained between all individuals whether you are playing tennis or pickleball. Additionally, groups larger than ten (10) persons will not be allowed within the court enclosure.

The Clubhouse, Fitness Center, and Pool will remain closed until the reopening of these types of facilities are addressed by the State and County which we expect to take place at a later date.

Violation of any of the provisions governing the reopening of our facilities could result in the deactivation of your fob.
The Community cannot guarantee that any of its facilities will be virus or bacteria-free.  The use of the facilities will be at your own risk.

As with all of our facilities, it is assumed you will adhere to the rules and be considerate of your fellow residents. These are tough times for all of us and we must show respect for all.  As you are well aware there are times when no one is watching your use of the facilities, except for the cameras, so be thoughtful.

Crown Pointe Board of Directors